• Lutein esters and health

    Lutein esters and health

    Glaucoma is a blinding eye disease, if the patient does not get effective treatment, short is a few days, ten days, long is a few years, ten years, the affected eye will be blind. Let’s focus on this terrible disease that causes blindness. Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the pressure i...
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  • Is bird’s Nest Acid good for the brain?

    Is bird’s Nest Acid good for the brain?

    In 2017, N-acetylneuric acid (also known as sialic acid and bird's nest acid) was approved by the National Health Commission as a new food raw material, and its application in China has been widely recognized. What exactly is N-acetylneuraminic acid?  Today, Fe...
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  • Why is DHA so popular?

    Why is DHA so popular?

    DHA is found in almost every cell in the body and is an important component of cell membranes. Compared with other parts of the body, the brain and retina are the highest content, and the brain especially in the cerebral cortex content is the most, but can not be synthesized by itself, only throu...
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  • Disappear! “Jaundice King”

    Disappear! “Jaundice King”

    Most babies will be born with varying degrees of jaundice, it can be said that nine out of ten newborns will be “minions”. Today we find out: Probiotics have a trick against jaundice – to build up intestinal flora to subside jaundice   Neonatal jaundice Generally speaking, ...
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