Why are probiotics suddenly so popular? Does it really work?

Happiness is based on the “stomach”

Go out to play, skewer small beer, spicy crayfish down a meal operation, many people feel their stomach “pressure”, spend several days can not adjust.

Today, interview these 5 scarred “deformed stomach”, our “happiness” are built on their pain!


01/ Troubled by every deformed stomach


1/ Bloated stomach

If you overeat for a long time. After the stomach is over-expanded, the muscle fibers are stretched thin, and the elasticity is also decreased, and over time, it will even affect the normal digestion and absorption of the body, and problems such as inflammation and ulcers will also be found.


2/ Alcohol and tobacco intestines

Alcohol, nicotine, tar and other chemicals are easy to directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing submucosal vascular contraction, spasm, resulting in ischemia, hypoxia symptoms, and it is easy to form ulcers over a long period of time.


3/ Strong stomach

High-salt food will continue to damage the stomach mucosa, and make the gastric acid secretion is reduced, disrupting the internal balance; Fried food will also damage the stomach mucosa, increase the burden of the digestive system;


4/ Stay up late stomach

Staying up late will affect the self-repair of the gastric mucosa. If there is a habit of eating late night snacks, it will promote the secretion of a large amount of gastric juice, causing irritation to the mucosa, which will easily lead to mucosal erosion, ulcers and other problems over time.


5/ Emotional stomach

When people feel nervous or anxious or sad, the stomach will continue to contract and reduce the secretion of stomach acid, reduce the frequency of peristalsis, so there may be loss of appetite, indigestion, and will also feel sore and pain.


It can be seen that the daily eating and drinking and irregular life, leading to most of the modern stomach is not good, small problems for a long time to become a hidden danger, frequent medicine will be counterproductive.

So now people are more inclined to go out necessary probiotics: conditioning the stomach while continuing to be happy; It can also deal with the gastrointestinal reaction caused by soil unacclimatization.


02/ Powerful probiotics

1/ Regulate the stomach

Probiotics are active microorganisms beneficial to the human body, which can improve the human microecological balance and play a beneficial role in promoting digestion, promoting the growth of human intestinal mucosa, achieving a balanced state of intestinal flora and ensuring the normal operation of intestinal function.


2/ Probiotics can stimulate immunity

The intestinal tract is not only responsible for the important function of digestion and absorption, but also the largest immune organ of the human body to prevent diseases, which cannot be separated from the important role of intestinal flora.

With a strong intestinal immune system, you are less likely to experience symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and indigestion.

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03/Feirui Bioprobiotics freeze-dried flash release tablets

The most important thing for probiotics is the amount of viable bacteria, and high-quality strains that are acid-resistant and alkali-resistant can ensure the orderly colonization of viable bacteria, and then balance the intestinal flora.



Feiruiyisheng — freeze-dried flash release tablets of probiotics

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