Sleep environment is very good, sleep quality is not high what is the reason?

“We depend on sleep socially, collectively, physically, behaviorally, nutritionally, verbally, cognitively and emotionally.” — 《Why We Sleep

How much does not getting enough sleep hurt?



Lack of sleep, poor sleep quality, can have a serious negative impact on the brain, and is associated with many neuropsychiatric diseases, but also linked to every physiological system in the body, can further cause a variety of diseases and symptoms. No aspect of the human body is immune to sleep deprivation.


Brain influence



Sleep quality decreases with age, especially deep sleep, which has been linked to a decline in memory. In Alzheimer’s disease, the damage to deep sleep is even greater. And studies have found that sleep deprivation interacts with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, creating a vicious cycle.


A study found that the emotional response in the amygdala was 60% stronger in sleep-deprived people, making them more prone to mood swings such as irritability and irritability.


Healthy heart

v2-d4bb955858af6a6324c91f251f8d86af_rIt’s simple and true that poor sleep makes your heart unhealthy. A study spanning 14 years found that people who slept for less than six hours were 400%-500% more likely to suffer cardiac arrest than those who slept for more than six hours. Especially as we approach middle age, our restorative health begins to decline, and the effects of sleep deprivation on our cardiovascular system gradually increase.


Immune system


Sleep protects you by deploying a variety of weapons in your immune Arsenal to fight the diseases you’re infected with. An experiment on sleep and the flu virus showed that those who slept an average of five hours had an infection rate of nearly 50 percent, compared with 18 percent for those who slept more than seven hours a night.

Sleep well! It’s hard for people to get a good night’s sleep these days!


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This article is excerpted from the book《Why Do We Sleep? 》 Matthew walker, Tian Yingchun post-translation wave | Beijing joint publishing company.


Post time: May-30-2023