Pregnancy maintenance, have you started?

Good nutrition during pregnancy, to the most lovely expectant mothers:

Already pregnant expectant mothers, the most happy is to meet the new life, the most worried is also the child’s nutritional supplement
October pregnant, the biggest wish is that he can have a strong body, to pursue their wonderful life

Then let’s learn about the key nutrition supplements during pregnancy!


>>> First trimester <<<



Early pregnancy (1-3 months of pregnancy) This period, the fetus has just been conceived, the baby is developing slowly, but it does not mean that the pregnant mother does not need to supplement nutrition, at this stage, the fetus is in the period of storing energy and waiting for rapid development.


Supplement folic acid, Vc, VB6

Folic acid supplements may reduce the risk of spina bifida or other neural tube defects in children.
Vc can relieve gingival bleeding and B6 can inhibit hyperemesis gravidarum


>>> Second trimester <<<


The second trimester (4-6 months of pregnancy), the fetus is in a stage of rapid development, the baby from the very beginning of the germ stage, the rapid growth of a complete body.

Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to supplement a lot of calcium, so as to promote the development of the baby’s bones and gums. It is also necessary to increase the intake of protein, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients.


Calcium supplements, probiotics, etc

Mothers need a lot of calcium supplements to promote the growth and development of their children
In the second trimester, many mothers have spleen and stomach deficiency, gastrointestinal tract is squeezed, gastrointestinal digestion is slow, constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort, appropriate supplement of probiotics, can regulate the stomach, safe and without side effects


>>> Third trimester <<<



Supplement DHA, bird’s nest acid

The myelin sheath, which plays a protective role when a child’s nerves begin to develop, is better nourished by DHA supplementation, thus strengthening the connections between neurons. DHA and bird’s nest acid, both play an important role in children’s intellectual development. But the emphasis is different, DHA focuses on the growth of the number of neurons in the brain, which makes the brain more active. Swallow acid is a brain nutrient that acts on the cell membrane and synapses of the brain, and has a protective and stable effect on nerve cells, so it can promote the development of memory and intelligence. Bird’s nest acid can also play an anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic role, improve immunity, can let the mother and fetus reduce the trouble of cold or other diseases


>>>Feirui biotechnology<<<

Scientific supplement flash nutrition


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04, mother and child code probiotics containing sugar flash release tablets



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Post time: Jun-19-2023