Myopia, life depends on the “eye” technology!


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You said, do myopia surgery is good! But is it really a “shortcut”?


Myopic operation


If myopia surgery can really solve the problem perfectly, why bother to prevent myopia?


The principle of myopia surgery is not to cure myopia, but to correct this part of the myopia to do on the cornea or lens, that is, put the lens in front of the lens, belongs to optical correction.

Myopic surgery has strict indications, and not everyone can do it, because the degree of myopia, the tolerance of their own corneal thickness, the size of the pupil, and whether they are scars and other conditions need to be evaluated. Preoperative screening must be detailed and comprehensive to rule out eye diseases, such as severe dry eye and contraindications to myopia surgery such as keratoconus. And postoperative recovery and self-cultivation, there will be different degrees of risk.

Reference: myopia surgery can not be once and for all [J]. China Journal of Ophthalmic Science and Technology,2018:157.

Prevention is fundamental


There is a sensitive area of eye vision called the macula, which is mainly composed of lutein, which can effectively filter out the blue light that causes damage to the eye, thereby reducing myopia

Myopia is irreversible, so prevention is fundamental!

True myopia, also known as axial myopia, is that the diameter of the front and back of the eye becomes longer, generally more than the average 24mm, so that after the parallel light enters the eye, the focus falls in front of the retina and can not be clearly image. With the development of the eyeball, the eye axis becomes longer, and the degree of myopia will deepen year by year, just as the child will not become short when he grows tall, the eye axis will not become short after the development of the eye. So once myopia is irreversible. Prevention is essential! References: Zhang Wei. Let the whole society realize that “myopia is a disease and irreversible” [J]. Shanxi Education: Management Edition,2020:19-21.

Lutein ester


Lutein loves light and is distributed in the fundus to absorb blue light before it damages the retina, thus alleviating eye strain caused by blue light. It is also a strong antioxidant itself, can clear free radicals and free oxygen, a good resistance to the occurrence of light damage.

Studies have shown that the way the body uses lutein esters is functionally superior to lutein – bioavailability is up to 60%.


Lutein esters are more stable and more easily absorbed than lutein under the same light and heat conditions.


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