Human body normal diet, can the body lack lutein? Is lutein supplement to control near IQ tax?

Lutein is a nutrient for the eyes.
It’s found in the retina and macular areas of our eyes, as well as in everyday vegetables, fruits, and orange-yellow foods.
However, these foods will lose a lot of nutrients after cooking at high temperature, and the amount of lutein absorbed by the human body is very low. Moreover, some children do not like to eat vegetables and fruits, which will lead to reduced intake of lutein. At the same time, lutein cannot be synthesized by itself, so extra intake is needed.
In everyday life, eyes are needed everywhere.
But the eyes for a long time to maintain a high strain of work, resulting in a series of symptoms of visual fatigue, leading to lutein loss.
For these people with excessive use of the eyes, can be appropriate to supplement.


1. -196C liquid nitrogen precooling and vacuum freeze-drying fresh lock;
2. No need for water, light orange flavor, high absorption rate, prevent choking;
3. Single piece of high sealing packaging, shading, oxygen insulation and moisture proof, stable product properties;
4. Carry it with you, no touch, quick and hygienic.


The characteristics of this technology are that the whole production process is carried out under normal and low temperature conditions, and the biological activity and nutritional composition of the effective ingredients of raw materials can be retained to the greatest extent.
It is very friendly to the elderly, infants and bedridden patients in the process of eating. The characteristics of instant dissolution in the mouth greatly improve the convenience of taking, effectively solve swallowing difficulties and avoid choking problems. At the same time, the taste of the drug is also very good, and it takes effect quickly and is easy to be absorbed by the human body. These are the unique advantages of flash release tablets. Moreover, this process can be widely used in medicine and nutrition products for infants and young children, emergency medicine and pet medicine, making medication safer and more convenient, and effectively improving the happiness of the users.


Post time: May-29-2023