Having a hard time keeping weight off? Here’s the way!


Summer is coming, is it still too late to lose weight?
Is it too hard to stick to weight loss?
Ideal weight, great body, this year, still have a chance?


Of course there is! It’s called “Changing microhabits.”

Changing micro-habits means not to completely overturn the existing lifestyle, starting from 0; Instead, make a small adjustment to your existing life, from 1 to 1.5.

So how can you adjust your lifestyle a little?


Don’t be afraid to eat


During weight loss, one of the most painful things is to stick to the “fat reduction diet”.

Grass-like salads, bland poached meat, staple foods in grains… The “forced” food, the feeling of not being full, will make the pain of weight loss reach the highest value, and even quickly rebound to a more overeating state than before.


01 The same food has different calories

One package of healthy-looking okra chips: 84 kcal

And okra itself has 37 kcal

In other words, the calories of a packet of okra chips, replaced by fresh okra, have to eat 1.3 kilograms in one go!


So, try to reduce your intake of processed foods and eat the ingredients themselves, such as potatoes, okra, and mangoes mentioned above.


02 Taste as light as possible

Weight loss is not equal to starvation, replace potato chips with shredded potatoes, replace milk tea with milk, healthy food even if you eat to stay up, the total calories are still very low.

In the Chinese cooking method, stir-fried, boiled, clear soup hot pot, steamed is very good. The simpler the handling of the ingredients, the lower the heat.


03 Eat easy, good persistence

In addition to daily diet, we also choose slimming assistants, such as B420, which is known as “thin bacteria”.

Nutrition experts pointed out that B420 can improve the intestinal microecological balance and promote the absorption of nutrients. B420 can effectively inhibit the absorption of fat and increase the excretion of fat. Probiotic B420 not only has the role of body shaping, but also can promote digestion and nutrient absorption.


Therefore, the daily diet with exercise, coupled with B420 has become the “No. 2 choice” for weight loss.


Joy in motion


Many people think of exercise to lose weight, they will think: lift a thousand pounds of iron? 10 kilometers for a gasp?

If you think it is difficult to exercise, you will be unable to start your legs. After a hard exercise, do not know the specific exercise intensity, can not get a sense of accomplishment.

Instead, exercise while playing, watch TV, and do a 1 minute plank, and slowly you will want to challenge 2 minutes, or even more tricks


Makes it easier for you to stick to it


Feiruiyisheng Probiotics freeze-dried flash release tablets from Danisco, USA

01 Selected star strain: B420, acid and alkali resistant, highly viable bacteria easy to colonise, light and healthy, beautiful summer, effortless

02 Food grade is safer, more professional, more healthy, leading the new fashion of weight loss, no dependence, no side effects, no rebound, real health and good body


BlinkTech Freeze-dry flash release technology – super juicy technology

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Post time: Jun-08-2023