Growing pains – Good things are coming!


Some children develop soreness in their hands and feet

Joint pain or sore calf muscles when you sleep at night

The new parents panicked

Some parents are happy to say that they are “growing”

It’s actually “growing pains.”

Don’t overstress

But you can’t let the kid stand it!

Growing pain


According to statistics, about 20% of children in the age of 3-12 years old, have been troubled by growth pain.


Growth pain refers to the pain around the knee joint or the front leg of the child, there is no trauma in these parts, the activity is normal, and the local tissue is not red, swollen and painful. After ruling out the possibility of other diseases, it can be determined that it is growing pain.


Most studies believe that growth pain has a great relationship with the growth of children. It is a strain pain caused by rapid bone growth and slow growth of peripheral nerves and tendons caused by rapid growth and development of the body.


There is also a stomach pain called “gastrointestinal growth pain”, experts pointed out: “gastrointestinal growth pain is generally due to children grow too fast, the body’s blood supply occurs temporary deficiency, the intestinal spasmodic contraction in the state of temporary ischemia caused by pain.”


Parents come to help


Massage + hot compress

1, massage: Gently massage the baby’s pain areas, such as the calf or knee, can help reduce tension and pain.

2, hot compress: with a hot water bag or ice pack applied to the painful part, can help children relieve pain and discomfort.

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Nutritional balance

Keep taking calcium supplements

Studies have shown that the growth pain caused by calcium deficiency is mainly due to the growth and development of children too fast, coupled with childhood more active, the amount of activity is larger, therefore, it is very easy to cause excessive activity caused by muscle fatigue and growth pain.


Lack of calcium content in children with growth pain caused by calcium deficiency will not only cause growth pain, long-term calcium deficiency may also cause rickets, life should pay attention to the growth pain caused by calcium deficiency and early symptoms of late rickets to be treated differently, and early prevention, to avoid adverse effects on children.

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Probiotic supplement

When the child belongs to the stage of growth pain, please parents to supplement more nutrients for the child to ensure the necessary nutrients for growth and development.


The supplement of probiotics is also particularly important, probiotics can improve the absorption of other nutrients and minerals in the stomach. Adhering to the supplement of probiotics can regulate the balance of intestinal flora, better nutrition absorption, and the nutrition delivery in all parts of our body can keep up with the large demand for nutrition during the growth period.


Feirui biotechnology


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