Adult supplement DHA, useful?

Adult supplement DHA, useful?

DHA is known to be useful,

Very important for pregnant mothers and babies

Do adults need it?

Is it an IQ tax?

Does DHA really have an effect on memory in adults?

In recent years, 18 studies from the United States, Japan, Australia, Germany and other countries were conducted to compare the improvement in brain memory and cognition of adults of different ages or memory status with different intake of DHA from three dimensions of episodic memory, semantic memory and working memory.


From these studies, including cognitive experts, there are indications that DHA is an essential nutrient for the human brain and is also important for adults. DHA can improve memory significantly in mild memory deficits.


DHA has also been shown to improve Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.


Does DHA improve cardiovascular problems?

Clinical data show that the adjuvant effect of DHA on cardiovascular problems in adults can be summarized as that DHA can help reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular problems through the regulation of lipid, blood pressure and blood sugar. DHA also helps suppress inflammatory responses to cardiovascular problems.


For cardiovascular problems of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, DHA reduces blockages in controlling blood lipids. DHA also helps to lower blood pressure, which helps to restore and widen blood vessel passages, making blood vessels more open, further reducing atherosclerosis and blood clots.


From the short-term effect, DHA can weaken the contraction of blood vessels, enhance the diastolic effect of blood vessels, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, so as to play its role in lowering blood pressure; In the long term, DHA can help reduce atherosclerosis.


DHA can be used as a daily nutritional supplement in adults, with benefits such as preventing memory loss and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. For mild memory impairment and cardiovascular problems, moderate DHA supplements can be beneficial.

Treasure DHA where to find?

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